Why Should I Trust God?

why should I trust God

What in this world are you sure of?  A lot of people have told me that it’s hard to trust that God exists, that it’s hard to trust in Him for provision in your life.  But I have to ask again, what are you really sure of?

Look around you.  If you’re not a follower of Christ or a believer of God, look around you.  What is your life like?  What struggles do you have, what challenges have you over come, what feelings do you battle with?  Do you feel like you have everything figured out–or pretty much nothing?  Are you full of joy 95% of the time?  Can you make sense of your pain and feel thankful for your adversaries?

Here’s my proposition… if your life isn’t so far working or making sense, what do you have to lose in reaching out to God and seeking His wisdom?  If you can’t always find the job of your dreams, maybe you haven’t finished a two year college (ahem) with a degree, perhaps you have a hard time making a relationship last longer than the time it takes you to toast your bread, or maybe  you’re one of those who cannot remember which “your” vs. “you’re” to use in a sentence…then tell me, is it fair to assume you’ll really be able to effectively plot out your entire life?

We seek answers in the things we buy, the shows we watch, the world we know to be all sorts of messed up…is it crazier to believe in God or crazier to believe in all of the flawed people around us?  

And if you’re wrong…if I’m wrong…if the millions of people who have dedicated their lives to Jesus are wrong…what really have you lost?  The money you “wrongly” donated to those in need?  The hours you “wrongly” spent serving others?  The nights you “wrongly” chose to meet with your prayer group, forming real, vulnerable connections instead of out drinking with your surface level buddies?  The meaningless sex you could have been having with random strangers instead of “wrongly” choosing to strengthen your marriage with your child’s father?

why should I trust God

Living that Jesus life is literally just being a better person.  The greatest instructions He asks us to follow are “Love God, Love people”.  Love your creator, and love the people He created.  It’s simple.  Because when you do those two things, you don’t have to worry about “following the rules” or “sticking to the dreaded ten commandments”…living a wholesome life is a byproduct of choosing to love the right things.

You lose nothing and you gain everything by this choice.

Sure, you’ll be asked to change.  Yes, you’ll be taught how to forgive, love selflessly, and think of other’s needs… but your alternative life, the one you’re currently immersed in, I’m guessing it’s not always working for you.  Am I wrong?

Don’t tell me you don’t wrestle with self-contempt when you wake up hungover.  Don’t tell me you’re not bored with the same old habit, the same old lifestyle you’ve been living for nearly two decades, or better.  Don’t tell me that your life wouldn’t be infinitely greater were there less gossip, hate, jealousy and more love, acceptance, and encouragement.

Sure, there are always going to be those among us who feel as though living the good life means being rich, able to travel wherever whenever, having the best cars, the biggest house, or the thinnest body.  I’m not saying I don’t get caught up in those feelings.  I dream big on earth, but I dream bigger for Heaven.  Yea, I want to lose 15 pounds.  Yea, I beat myself up for not being successful enough…some of the time.  And life can get crazy for me, too.  I’m not insinuating that it’s all rainbows and butterflies once you accept Jesus as your savior.

But sister, I will never be the prettiest, skinniest, most successful, richest, most desirable person in this world, and neither will you.  I promise.  We can work all of our lives, be the best of the best, and the world will still tell us we’re not enough.  You can work for your entire life and you will never be number one.  It’s an elusive, unattainable goal that will leave you feeling burnt out, rejected, and empty.

What if you could be enough…in this moment, just as you are…enough and so much more?  What if you could stop worrying about how you measure up via the standards of society and start focusing on the fact that every broken, fragile, messed up part of you is loved by God?

Look, if you’ve even made it this far in the post as a non-believer, I am impressed.  And I want to share a truth with you as a thank you: I have done all of the things that make you feel unworthy to be included in the “church people” club.  Every nasty, messy, shameful, embarrassing, guilt inducing choice you’ve made in your past– that settles in your brain and taunts you with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness– I am sure I have done them.  I am sure I have done more than that, even.  But in ONE year of showing up to learn about Jesus, even when I felt like I could never belong because of all the ways I had failed my moral character in the past, I feel more valued than ever.

I’ve been a practicing “party girl” since I was 15 years old (I’m not kidding, my first AOL screen name was partygrl887–shaking my head in shame as we speak).  I drank at least every weekend, I smoked weed pretty much every day of my sophomore through college freshman years.  I dabbled in other drugs.  My value came from my popularity.  I was reckless.  I was ever searching for worth in worthless places.  I sought out popularity, social acceptance and desperately wanted to be liked.  Sounds fun, huh?  During that time, I was cheated on by every boy I gave myself to, I was arrested 3 times in alcohol related incidents, I dropped out of a two year college after three years and no degree, and I risked my LIFE on more than one occasion.

Yet, even through all of that…even when the world told me I was not enough on so many levels…I mocked those good girls, those church girls, those “I don’t need to drink to have fun girls”.  I mocked them and I envied them in the same breath.  But I never thought I could be them.  And I sure as heck didn’t believe I could ever fit in with them.

I am that girl, now.  They are my friends, now.  It turns out, church girls aren’t so different from non-church girls…they make mistakes, they struggle, they’re imperfect.

If you get nothing else out of this post, remember one thing:  it’s never too late to decide to stop living how you’re used to living and start living how you’re meant to be living.  And if you push past the discomfort, if you stick with it even when it doesn’t seem to be working or doesn’t feel like you’re really changing, you will finally get what all of those “Jesus freaks” are talking about.

Girlfriend, I will be the first to high five you when you tell me you drank the kool-aid.  What’s at first bitter becomes the most refreshingly sweet taste you will ever experience.  And yes, I realize I’m throwing away any cool girl reserves I had up until this point, and I don’t even care a little


It’s that good, my friend, it’s that good.

What’s keeping you from trusting God? Please share your thoughts respectfully!