The Thing About Haters


There are always going to be haters.

If you live your life out there, in the open, for public viewing…

There are always going to be haters.

Not really people who hate so much as people who envy.  People who want what you have, and want you not to have it even more.  People who compare and come up short.  People who judge what’s fair and not fair through their own self-centered lens.  People who seek to rob joy from the joyful because they can’t understand how it’s been acquired and can’t stand they haven’t found it themselves.


This term seems so dramatic, almost juvenile.  Maybe it’s because I’m at a place in my life where wasting time to “hate on” seems like, well, exactly that: a waste of my precious time.

Why on earth would I, would anyone, try to purposefully make someone else’s life “less”?  I don’t even have time to think about taking someone else down a peg, much less to talk about it or act on it.

This world, forgive me for pointing out, is dominated by little birdies flitting about, whispering in ears, planting seeds of discontent under the pretenses of “looking out for others”… and for those of us not inside the chaos of flapping wings and ruffled feathers… the self-interest is painfully transparent.

Those birdies are dangerous.

Those birdies sound so pretty when they sing but their little beaks bite hard when you get too close.  They love you when you feed them, but they lose interest the minute you stop.

I guess I just don’t have time to whisper ideas of sabotage about anybody and I don’t have time to listen to anybody whispering about me.

But they do.

And they will.

And that’s okay.

Jesus instructs me to shake the dust from my feet, in Matthew 10:14 and again in Mark 6:11, 2000 years before Taylor Swift told me to do the same thing.  And if Jesus and Taylor Swift are in agreement, I’m going to have to join that little party of goodness.


When I hear something less than pleasant about myself, I care for a second.  I’m human.  I care for a hot second.  I care for as long as it takes me to remember that I don’t need to care.  I care for the length of time it takes me to release the offense into the heavens, to lay it at my Father’s feet to deal with, and to walk from it…shaking the dust as I go.

I walk in freedom, my friends, and walking in freedom doesn’t mean free until someone decides that they don’t like my stride.  No.  Walking in freedom means feeling totally and completely liberated from caring about how others feel about the way that I live my life.

I mean, total freedom!

Can you imagine?

I’m a good person, trying to do good things, striving to share the love and hope of Jesus in my own little world, not intentionally bringing any sort of negativity into anyone’s life…and yet…there are people who are so self-involved, so in it for themselves, that they can’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Oh, but that’s okay, too.


They can hate, I just don’t have time to hate back. #peaceout


The thing is, I know where I stand.  I know my authenticity and genuine care for others speaks volumes over what my star power or paycheck amount ever could.

I am so privy to this because I used to be so deep into this.

I was all about the self-glory.  I needed that validation.  I craved the acknowledgment.  And I was encouraged to do so.

You can speak all the right words, read all the right books, study all the right things…but needing external recognition is indicative of a void in your heart and in your life.  Brokenness.  Insecurity.  Anyone who would stop minding their own business to try and mind someone else’s, in order to increase their own status, is– despite any and all accolades or impressive statements of self-awareness– struggling with their self-esteem.


And to that end, I can say with all the love that I can muster in my heart, that I will pray for these people.  I will pray that they find the freedom I’ve been walking in ever since I walked away…

Isaiah 49:9 “I will say to the prisoners ‘come out in freedom’, and to those in darkness, ‘come into the light'”

Any experience with haters?  How did you deal with it?