6 Chic Cover Ups.

Sometimes, I feel like life is too good to be true.  But of course, it isn’t.  I know how hard I’ve worked to be where I am.  I know the sacrifices I’ve made to accomplish my goals.  And I know that anyone can do this if they’d only apply themselves.

Still…as I’m preparing for the free cruise I earned just by doing what I love (empowering women and helping them to build their own successful businesses-check it out here), I can’t help but pinch myself over the fact that traveling and having down time is literally part of the job description.  I am legit going on a cruise, for free, with my BEST girlfriends…and it’s all for the cause.


Anyways, cruising and beach bumming mean one thing to me: chic cover ups to bring my A game on the sand.  I don’t love the typical, Target beachwear section cover up selection…and if you’re sick of the same old same old, and want to try a trendier option, copy these styles:


  1. Lace “cardi”.  Shorts are optional, but for the purpose of this blog and NOT feeling the need to plaster my bikini laden bottom all over it, I’m rocking them.


2. Striped t-shirt dress.  This totally doubles as a boat time party ensem!


3. Nighty.  I wasn’t sure if this was bedtime wear or daytime wear when I bought it, but I found that it doesn’t matter with a hot pink bikini underneath!


4. Simple Romper (because, obviously…)


5. Lace shirt.  If you’re feeling self conscious about your tummy (ala moi) but are down to show off your booty work, you could totally rock this without shorts, as I fully plan to do.


6. Striped button up.  This is my personal fave.  It’s so European cool for walking around town.  Slip off the shoes and shorts, unbutton the shirt, and it’s the perfect cover up!

Which one would you rock?