5 Outfits That Forgive Winter Weight Gain

winter weight gain


There are two types of people in this world:  those who don’t indulge over the holidays, and those who indulge on Tuesday’s and call it a celebration.

In case you weren’t aware, I’m the latter.

Though my love of all things loose, flowy, and the opposite of form fitting did not originate with my need to lose the last ten pounds of vanity weight, it sure comes in handy during a season of my life when losing weight is really a non option.

I mean… I could… but I won’t.  #beacauseselfawareness

While I have made it a point to rid myself of our bathroom scale (can I get a hallelujah?), I do still try to keep myself in check based upon how my clothes are fitting.

But I can “check less” when I have room to grow.  Amen.

Here are 5 outfits that will forgive me if I don’t lose these last ten pounds, and maybe even if I end up gaining a few sweet treat inspired more!


winter weight gain

You won’t be surprised to find that four out of five of these looks, I’m using leggings for pants.  Because…yes they most certainly are.  This top is almost sweatshirt material, but the cut makes it look just a touch more put together.  It’s called a “weekend shirt” and I think that must have been inspired by really big Sunday dinners and afternoon naps.


winter weight gain

This shirt makes me so happy.  It has buttons so it’s obvi kind of important.  But then you rock it with yoga pants and no shoes, it can’t help but turn into a totally casual topper.  The fact that it’s deliberately oversized?  Well that’s just what sealed the deal for it to be featured on this “room to grow” list!


winter weight gain

I’m being pretty hopeful including an outfit with skinny jeans on this list.  I wouldn’t choose this one for Thanksgiving Day, because stuffing and mashed potatoes, but it’ll work until I eat my weight in turkey.


winter weight gain

I didn’t think getting this sweater was going to make waddling through the holidays easier.  It wasn’t on my mind.  But when the shoe shirt still fits, you wear that ish.


winter weight gain

Extra long, shapeless shirt topped with a faux leather/suede jacket makes a loose piece pulled together.  It’s almost like I’m not trying to hide the extra desserts I may have snuck.  But we know better, right?

Which one could you see yourself wearing?