Messy Mom Squad




If you’re not perfect, you’re perfect.

What is the Messy Mom Squad?

My passion for maintaining my individuality while fulfilling my roles as wife and mother, has inspired a movement.  I am determined to empower other women to do the same.  Who said you have to stop being YOU when you become a mother?  This #girlsquad is all about reclaiming OURSELVES without feeling guilty over it.  Because, we’re still US even though we’ve added a few titles along the way.

So, what exactly IS a messy mom?

A messy mom is imperfect.  She might not be great at typical mom stuff…or all mom stuff.  I, myself, tend to dislike the 3 c’s: cooking, cleaning, and crafting.  A messy mom is self aware and believes in self care.  Despite the title of “messy”, she knows taking care of herself first means being her best for the people she loves.  Messy moms are motivated and driven.  If they’re anything like me, they may not adore other people’s children…kids=not forte.

A messy mom values internal growth and personal development.  She may be a bit scatterbrained, as she devotes herself to her family as well as her own passions, but she tries hard to be mindful and present.  A messy mom doesn’t always dish up veggies- sometimes, cereal is for dinner.  And she actually loves those nights.  A messy mom is not above bribing her child with the iPad so that she can get some uninterrupted work done.  She hopes not to be judged, because she embraces differences!

A messy mom is basically any mother who loves her kids, loves her family, and loves herself.

How do I join the mess?

Just pop on over to our Facebook group to join the movement!  This is where we come together to offer support, encouragement, share messy moments, and create friendships with like minded women!  I can’t wait to welcome you to the MMM!