Why Women Are Obsessed With Sweater Weather

women are obsessed with sweater weather

The cold hard truth about sweaters is this: you can wear the same one if you gain or lose ten pounds.  Seriously, though, sweaters are blankets with arms.  Especially the poncho style I’ve been wearing with errythang for the last few weeks.  Somehow, this shapeless patch of fabric instantly makes an outfit more stylish.  Go figure!

But the real reason why women are obsessed with sweater weather is that it is no longer bikini season.


There may be little else as liberating and sigh-of-relief-inducing as the onset of a season where what you look like in as little clothing as possible is no longer your main concern.  No, now it’s all about “how much can I pile on my body before I’m mistaken for a vagabond?”

Ahh, pumpkin spice scented freedom!

Chances are, this post would have gone in a whole different direction if I hadn’t held onto 10-15 extra pounds this year…but I did, so I’m ushering in wool wearing weather with a hallelujah thank God summer is over amen!  If you’re not yet convinced big ol’comfy sweaters are for you, check out how I’m wearing the ish out of my new oversized companion and how I’m making even warm days sweater weather!

women are obsessed with sweater weather

It’s quite chilly in my church, so I didn’t feel too “out of season” when I wore this to our morning service.  I did, however, feel that way when we left 90 minutes later.  Good thing this outfit looks on point with just the boots and sleeveless dress!

women are obsessed with sweater weather

I put this together for our annual cup-de-sac Harvest Festival.  Basically, we all drag our dining rooms into the middle of the road and feast Thanksgiving pilgrim early settler style.  If early settlers had such good style (winky face).  What it boiled down to for me was this: I had already spent most of the day in jeans that don’t so much fit as they do stretch, and I was gearing up to eat my weight in turkey, so I wanted something comfortable, relaxed, and definitely not fitted in any way shape or form.  #nailedit

women are obsessed with sweater weather

This is how I walk around my house.  Because, look, it may be 80 degrees outside but the air conditioning in my home negates all of that nonsense.  I may shed the cloak when I check the mail, but when I’m puttering around my kitchen, it is autumn.  Period.

women are obsessed with sweater weather

Lest you think that my new zip up bestie is the only sweater I own, I thought I’d throw in this outfit for good measure.  It was supposed to reach close to 80 the day I rocked this ensem.  But when I was leaving my house to go shopping, it was only about 65.  Ergo, sweater doubles as a jacket sort and when I feel the burn, I just take it off to reveal my frill free shorts and tee summer-esque fashion.

Are you obsessed with sweater weather?


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  1. mom says

    i may be the only one to say this but i hate sweater weather! It just means cold, heating bills and not being comfortable. If you need a sweater in the house because of the air conditioner, wouldnt it just make sense to turn the air down or better yet OFF? Lastly, i havent worn a bikini for years so i dont feel the pressure to do so when its hot. i like getting up in the morning and feeling the warmth of the day.