What to Wear On a Warm Winter Day

warm winter

It turns out, my “warm winter” outfit looks a lot like my “cool summer” outfit…

Looks a lot like my “not going anywhere but my office to work all day” outfit…

Looks a lot like my “I want to pretend that I got dressed without having to get dressed when I go pick up my daughter from day school” outfit.

It’s insanely versatile.

And easy.

Like, super easy.

warm winter

Here I am, demonstrating how great it is to have wrinkly shorts and not even care a little.


Don’t I look nonchalant?

warm winter

And this is me, again, tugging my sweater down to the length it used to be before I put it in the dryer and shrunk it.

Again, not a care in the world.

Except, of course, the length of my sweater.

But hey, we all have problems, right?

P.S. Bargain Hunters, these shorts were $9.99 at H&M like 3 years ago.  I think the cost per wear, at this point, is less than a penny.  Can’t beat that, eh?


What’s your “intentional hot mess” outfit go to?