It’s mid-February which means “spring-ish” here in VA.

One day it’s winter.

The next it’s spring.


Here’s how I’m coping:




These jeans are last year’s.  Okay, maybe their like circa 2014.  Who’s keeping track?  I’m just thankful they’re stretchy as all get out because that’s the only reason they still fit my bum!

The white slides actually have faux snake-skin detail (which you can’t see with my uber awesome iPhone pictures), which I got at DSW for like, $10.  #holla

Shirt, old.

Sweater, new.

Sweater also annoying as it catches on errythang but happens to be the perfect lightweight material that will go nicely with summer dresses and shorts & tee combos.  If only it doesn’t unravel before then…

Such a mom outfit, no?