Men, Take a Cue From Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans

I want my jeans like I want my man: giving me some space while simultaneously hugging my bum.

And guys thinks we’re complicated and give all these mixed signals.

Can’t you just do both things?  Like, don’t squash m’vibe but also don’t forget to slap the booty from time to time when I walk by.

It’s really rather simple.

And so are these outfits.

Because why make anything more complex than it has to be?

take a cue from boyfriend jeans

If I’m working all day but want to look like a functioning member of society vs. a bum off the streets, I will pull on these wanna be sweats.  This outfit makes picking up my daughter from day school, after sitting at my desk for 8 hours, look good.  When I show up in black leggings littered with dog hair and unbrushed teeth?  Not so much.

Another thing I like from my man (and jeans)…motivation to brush my teeth.

take a cue from boyfriend jeans

This is called “next level comfort”.  Mixed prints anything makes everything look that much more intentional.  And intentionality is the key to success…and a successful relationship.  I made sure that my boytoy was highlighted by using the old mullet tuck and one upped the business in the front by slapping on some fake glasses.

I looked more therapist than patient, I thought, but definitely enjoyed wearing it to my appointment none the less.  Bonus, she never knew I hadn’t showered or done anything beyond drink coffee and write the entire morning.

She even said I always look put together.  Ahh, if these four walls could talk…

boyfriend jeans


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