How to (Over) Wear a Scarf

how to wear a scarf

It’s happened.

I have officially over worn my favorite scarf.

I knew the condition was getting serious, but I had no idea how dire it truly was until my husband asked me, in the most sarcastic tone you can imagine, “do you ever wear that scarf?”

We both knew the answer to that smartass curious question.  I did wear it.  And I wore it with everything.

I really believe it is not at all my fault that this neck blanket goes with basically everything in the whole world.  It’s not my fault that it’s both lightweight enough to wear on slightly warm days, and big enough to wrap up in on bone chilling blustery days.  It’s certainly not my fault that the color is a neutral and the accents throughout pull out the colors in various outfits.  And it’s definitely not my fault that wearing scarves long is the new “it” way to rock ’em.

The way I see it, whoever made this scarf (and I don’t know who that is, since I got it at TJMaxx a few years ago) has doomed me to a lifetime obsession of wearing it everywhere that I go. #notmyfault

Allow me to show you 3 ways that I’ve found to (over)wear this scarf, so far this year.  3 going on 300- watch me!


My husband had the audacity to tell me this winter white ensemble looked better without my wine colored extra.  In the genius words of Cher Horowitz “As if!”  My fringe boots proved to be an on point compliment to the entire look.  I thought they might be a little loud for church (in a distracting way, not a they-make-a-swishy-noise-when-I-walk way), but it turned out to be just fine!

over wear scarf

You know those days when it’s too warm for a jacket, too chilly to not have a jacket?  Those days, this scarf.  Done and done.

how to wear a scarf

The concept is simple: boots, pants, top, scarf.  It makes any outfit look more fall-esque, complete, and if I may, pulled together.  It’s really no wonder the hubs is tired of seeing this bad boy, it’s wrapped around me more than he is!  #ohyesIdid (insert wide eyed emoji here)

how to wear a scarf

If nothing else, you’ll learn from my outfits that you don’t need a variety of pieces to style a variety of outfits.  Judging from some of these posts you’d think my dresser drawers weren’t stuffed to the brim and clothes hangers overflowing!  I promise, I do mix it up sometimes.


Do you have a scarf or accessory you (over) wear?