4 Simple Ways to Rock Winter White

rock winter white


When it comes to clothing, I’m more neutral than I am bright and bold.  So imagine my complete and total distaste for the old adage “don’t wear white after Labor Day.”

Can we all agree that that rule is as tired as the instruction to not begin a sentence with a conjunction?

Because obviously.

(By the way, if you haven’t brushed up on your grammar lately, conjunctions include the words and, but, because, etc.  Your welcome).

So, four ways you can rock winter white and bid adieu to played out fashion rules are as follows:


On the top in the form of a cozy knit sweater.  This was my ensem for an afternoon rendezvous at Barnes N’ Noble.  Seriously, I will die if nooks ever fully replace real live books.  #justsaying

winter white


On the bottom, in the form of jeans.  I went monotone for this outfit, but kept it seasonal (despite the unseasonably warm weather) with a furry vest over my tee.

winter white


On the top and bottom, keeping everything monochromatic.  Obviously, that’s a theme I’m loving this winter.  By the way, if this outfit looks familiar, it’s because you’ve also seen it in my post about my scarf obsession, here.

winter white


Or, you can just go for a pop of non color with the snuggly buggly vest being the focal point of a much darker outfit.

winter white


Do you wear white in the winter?

If you’re sick of following the rules… at least ones that inhibit your personality… you should totally hit up The Messy Truth.  The concept is totes for those of us who are tired of filtering our true selves in favor of pleasing everyone around us.  I’m taking a stand against fitting in and inviting all of the strong women in my life to stand out with me!  You should belong without conforming, feel accepted without expectations. 

Who doesn’t want a little justified rebellion in their lives?  #gettingcrayupinhereyo

I wanna be a tame rebel! Give me The Messy Truth!