A Cup of Joy

cup of joy

When 6 am (okay, sometimes 630 am) rolls around, I wake up and tip toe down the stairs.  It’s mostly dark, it’s quiet, and it’s (unfortunately) chilly.

My first thought is: coffee.

My second: Jesus.

If I were a #goodChristian, that would be the other way around… but… I’m just being honest, folks.  When I’ve not yet rubbed the sleep from my eyes, my heart craves a strong cup of black wake-me-up like nothing else in this world.  I’m working on my “idolatry” problem, I promise.

Anyways, after I let our Great Dane puppy out to potty, I settle into our breakfast nook; bay windows framing our tree dense yard behind me, open bible in front of me…

Coffee steaming just below my chin.

cup of joy


It is so good.

It’s probably one of God’s better ideas not to have allowed my opinion to influence his design of a day, because I’m quite sure I’d hold the sun right there- hovering just above the horizon- until about noon.  Noon is the best time to get dressed and face the world, yea?

But in actuality, I have an hour; about one hour before my daughter prances down the stairs and into my still and peaceful moments, and that’s when the day will truly commence.

That hour, though.

Magic happens in that hour.

I feel compelled to share that enchantment with you, friend, because it’s too good to keep to myself and too important to trap within the covers of my journal.  It was in hours like those that I learned truth.  Solid truth.  Truth that is void of opinion, unswayed by circumstance.

2 Timothy 3:7 says “always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”  This simple line speaks volumes to me, as I spent so many years learning and never quite filled up with any truth to stand on.  Until I sought it from it’s source: the bible.  The word of God, Himself.  It’s not about memorizing verses or having the pretty purple leather bound book sitting on your shelf, it’s about really digging in and understanding what Jesus is trying to tell us.

As I was contemplating that verse, the other day, an idea was born; I’ve decided to develop a mini series here on Third Day Hair, a sort of weekly devotional, that speaks life and truth into the hearts of those who read it.

That being said, I need to insert a little disclaimer: I am not a theologian, I’m not a bible scholar, and I’m not in any way, beyond what the Lord has deemed to reveal to me in His word, qualified to guide you through scripture.

In Acts 9, God reveals himself to the Christian murderer, Saul, and directs his steps to Christianity.  Saul was blinded in that moment, and his sight was restored just 3 days later.  In Acts 9:20, it says “At once he began to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.”  Did you catch that?  At.  Once.  Not after the number of years in ministry that society deems necessary for proper credentials, not after graduating from college with a pastoral degree, not after the required level of bible verse memorization…

At once.

The minute we are baptized with Holy Spirit, we are reborn; we are qualified through Holy Spirit to spread the good news, to proclaim our love of Jesus, and to share the joy that we have surrendered ourselves to.

Every morning, I fill my mug with coffee and end up with a cup of joy.

A Cup of Joy, TDH’s weekly devotional and guided verse meditation.

Join me, won’t you?

Every Friday, I want to spend the morning with you, digging into God’s word, developing our skills, and furthering our knowledge of truth… and most importantly, I want to encourage your growth in relationship with Christ, which is done in and through the promises He’s given us.

Prayer.  Scripture.  Fellowship.  Coffee.

I mean, what’s not to love?

Divine inspiration, my friend, and I’m excited to watch it develop.

It’s God’s love, I’m just the vessel-amen!


What do you think?  Would you be a part of it?  Would a cup of joy bring you… well… you know?!