7 Best Posts of January


There’s no way of knowing whether or not you’ve missed a great post, if you’ve missed it.

That’s why I’ve decided that the last Friday of every month will be dedicated to a monthly post round-up.  Oh, and if you’ve been following along rather closely, you’ll also notice that I’m switching my list of 7 to appear at the end of the week instead of at the beginning.  I have serious stuff to cover on Mondays, my friends!

January was a big month for me and I don’t expect to forget it for a while-maybe ever.  In case you haven’t heard, I shed my anxiety #likeaboss simply by attending a super fun event celebrating what I do for a living with other coaches in the area.  It almost seems too good to be true.

I knew that coaching had changed my life, but I hadn’t guessed that something in me would click just like that.  In all actuality, it is a year in the making.  Funny how “overnight success” happens at the end of a long road of hard work, commitment, and determination.

I am well on my way to realizing my vision board, and have already crossed off quite a few things in the first month alone.  Do you create vision boards, or at least write down your goals?  Something like those who write down their goals concisely and consistently earn, on average, ten times as much as those who don’t.  Which side of the spectrum do you want to fall on?

I celebrated my daughter’s third (THIRD?!) Birthday and reflected upon the many many things she has taught me in her short little life.  A toddler is the best proof of the old adage “it isn’t quantity, it’s quality”.   She doesn’t have had to be around for a long time to profoundly effect the world and the way I live my life.  And as much as I’ve learned through her, I am still trying to understand how to be me as her mom.

And just because a month isn’t really a great month without some cool clothes, see how I’ve worn my destroyed black denim with two different sweater styles- preppy and chic.  This may be further proof that I really hate taking these jeans off, they are everything.

Did I miss anything?  Which post did you most enjoy this month?