And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God, and are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Story of my life.


If you’re anything like me, that’s really good news right thurr.  Because I got a whole lotta “all things” for God to work with.



Luckily, I’ve got a whole lotta blessings to be thankful for, as well.

For example, I have the sweetest, most kind hearted, adorable squishable little girl ever.  It is not uncommon for her to pull her dinner chair next to mine…wood to wood…because she misses me when I’m at arms length.  She counts snuggling as one of her favorite activities.  She gives more kisses than a puppy on prozac.  And when she prays?  Oh my goshhh my heart melts into a puddle of mush.

I also happen to be the wife of the world’s most supportive, encouraging, and generous hubs.  This guy is the rock to my roll.  When I float away in a cloud of dreams, he gently anchors me to earth.  When I embark on a rollercoaster of crazy emotions, he calmly straps me in.  When I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur and write for a living, he told me he agreed 100%.  This man is a rare breed of confidence, intelligence, and strength…all guy on football Sundays but always insanely sensitive to my feelings.


Plus, I have this blog baby of mine.  And I have you.  So counting my blessings is totally not one of my problems.

“I got 99 problems but a blessing ain’t one, hit me.” Too much?

Moving on…


But life isn’t all the aurora filter perfection you might believe it is from my social media channels.  I hide my mess even less impressively than Hillary Clinton hid those emails.  #ohyesIdidjustsaythat  

Unlike her, however, it’s because I don’t want to hide.  I’m tired of hiding.

Pretending and me, we just don’t jive.

I am a confidence builder, a business mentor, a leader, a woman of God, a woman of many shoes, a woman of a somewhat impressive addiction to coffee…

But I am not a woman of perfection.  

Living authentically means aligning your actions with your values and your values with your truth.  I spent way too much time trying to “fake it till I make it”.  I spent way too many hours trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations of who I should be.  I spent way too many days of my life pretending to be who I wasn’t just so I could feel some semblance of fitting in.

And now?

I’m standing out, sister, and I’m asking you to stand out with me.

If you can handle a whole lotta humanness mixed with some first hand experience wisdom, this is gonna be the place for you.

& I’m glad you’re here.