Why Am I Like This?

why am I like this

Apparently, a lot of the names in my life bring slight confusion… why this, why that?

Why not?

But since you asked… and really even if you didn’t… I’m going to explain some of the names I’ve been droppin’ so you can get to pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, sister friend.



Why Noel?

My parents thought it was clever considering my birthdate is right there close to Jesus’.  You know, The First Noel?  Since you don’t mispronounce the words in the Christmas tune, for the love of all things holy, could everyone stop calling me Nole when they see my name written?  It’s No.  El.  Suuuriously, people.

Now that I’ve explained my name, can I just point out that rarely do I encounter someone, ask what I should call them, and then ask them why.  But apparently, my name surprises so many people that they just have to wonder aloud what my parents were thinking…

Why Third Day Hair?

I’m a firm believer in boycotting shampoo and hair brushes.  In fact, when I travel, I like to challenge myself by not bringing either one in my suitcase.  How messy and dirty can it get before people stop thinking it’s intentional and start calling BS?

why am I like this

Why The Messy Truth?

Life is messy.  Living your truth is really messy.  Being honest with others is tough.  Being honest with yourself takes real guts.  TMT is just honoring who you are, what you think, and the fact that you are already incredible.  Not once you lose fifty pounds, or after you get your degree, or when you become successful (because…according to who, anyways?).  But now.  In this moment.  Your truth?  Your mess?  It’s fantastic, yo!  

Why The Messy Mom Squad?

Umm…have you met other moms?  Well I have.  And I love them.  And I see their struggles to be accepted, validated, encouraged, loved, supported, and empowered… and I want a tribe of mama bears who do all of that.  So, I created one.  Plus, ladies, if you’re in a mom group then you’ve undoubtedly seen that nearly every “advice please” post is started with the words “Please don’t judge…” 

And then people still judge.

And oh how the judgey mcjudger people just love judging.  Until they wake up some day on the other side of that “advice please” post because, and here’s a little spoiler alert to anyone who thinks they’ve got this mom thing figured the heck out, they will.

So please, sit down and wait your turn to feel absolutely flabbergasted.  Take all that precious time you seem to have scrolling and trolling mom groups just to rain a little unprecedented feelings of inadequacy on a mother who probably doesn’t need any help feeling like a failure, and learn how not to judge.  Okay?  And then you can join our tribe here.

Because the Messy Mom Squad just skips the “please don’t judge” prefix since we already know… we safe.  #nojudgementzone

why am I like this

Why God?

I’ve tried doing the whole “too cool for Jesus” thing for like, 3 decades.  It’s been brought to my attention, however, that I’m actually not nailing this life gig.  As it turns out, a lot of things aren’t entirely in my control.  Weird.  Plus, when I really started reading this lame-o religious rule book (the Bible, heard of it, Bro?) I found out that it actually wasn’t two thousand pages of rules.  And Jesus was pret.ty.fun.ny. when He was roaming the earth… I mean, I respond to blunt.  Homeboy was blunt.  Loving.  Gracious.  Sinless.  But blunt.

It’s almost like he was fully human and fully God… oh wait…

Why Now?

If not now, when?  Here’s the (messy?) truth of the matter… I loved Beachbody coaching until I didn’t.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love Beachbody, that I don’t hoard their prodcuts, or that I don’t adore other coaches.  Because I do.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned my team, that I can’t help you start a journey, or that I’m not still a coach.  Because I haven’t, I can, and I am.

In fact, being a coach, currently, is like a dream come true.  Because right now, mama’s earning some pretty pennies building this blog.  Not from my blog, but from the business I built prior to focusing on my blog.

So now, while some may struggle to break into a niche market that they’re really not passionate about in the name of making some dough…I have the insane luxury of writing my heart’s desire and allowing my journey to unfold the same way my coaching business did: slower than some, but entirely on my terms.

That’s how I do business.

I believe that’s how everyone should do business.

And someday, I’ll be in the business of teaching others how to be stress free in the business as well.

It turns out, my passion isn’t actually building the business, it’s helping others build theirs.

And writing.  I like to write a little bit, too.

being unpopular

What’s next?

Next is you getting on the VIP list with The Messy Truth, by filling out the boxes below and submitting it.  Today is the first letter which involves a FREE raffle (I swear, I’m not into bribing), so make sure you sign up now vs. later.

And once you do, you’ll never have to ask what’s next again (for arguments sake, I’m pretending that you did) because whatever is comin atcha will be delivered right into your inbox.  Sweetness, yes?

So sweet! Give me The Messy Truth!



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    I love this post and that you are unapologetic for who you are! I wish more people had the courage and/pr understanding to do the same. And I love ythe humor in your posts so you best believe I am signing up :)

    Also, what’s with the easiest names being mispronounced? Noel is JUST like it sounds. So is my name, Leeann. Lee + Ann? But I get lean, leon, lina…makes no sense haha.

    • says

      I’m kind of in shock that anyone would mispronounce your name! What the heck people?!

      Thanks for the encouragement girlfriend, it’s not always popular to be honest but it feels so much better than pretenses.