Speak Truth– But Sugar Coat It

speak truth

Express yourself– but only the parts that are politically correct.

Be vulnerable– but make it positive.

Share– but not the stuff we don’t want to see.

Be real– but only if you’re having a good day.

Live your truth– but only if it aligns with mine.

Be bold– but only if it doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable.

Stand up for your beliefs– but only if it won’t offend anyone.

Live authentically– but only if it’s how I perceive you.

Be spiritual– but only if you don’t bring religion into it.

Design your life– but only if it looks like my own design.

Have an opinion– but keep it to yourself so no one can disagree.

Be strong– but only for what I think is worth fighting for.

Be yourself– but filter it so that everybody will like you.

Be confident– but only if I can push you back down when I need to.

Love yourself– but only the parts of you that I love.

Accept yourself– but only if I think you’re acceptable.

Believe– but only if it’s not in the Bible.

Be unique– but only if it blends in with the masses.

Have values– but make sure others approve of them.

Speak truth– but sugar coat it.

Open your eyes– but make sure you see how I see.

Think differently– but only if it’s the same way I do. 

Inspire– but make sure it’s inspiring people like me.

Live freely– but only if your life reflects my own.

Have faith– but only if it’s not Christianity.

Encourage growth– but only if it’s growing more like me.

Motivate others to improve– but not unless I agree it’s something that should be improved.

Be you– but only if it looks like me.

Be successful– but on my terms.


The world is so fickle.  Society will demand and then resent honesty all in the same breath.  We’re taught to cast aside the social norms and live how we want to live, and are then scolded for not living how everyone else chooses to live.  We’re pushed to make a difference but then reprimanded for making a difference in the wrong category.  We’re told to follow our hearts, but are then ridiculed for following them down a purer path.  We’re emboldened to figure out who we really are, and then repressed when our true selves shine.

We’re encouraged to be legendary and discouraged from leaving a legacy other than wealth, fame, and fortune: what the world deems important. 

I’m tired.  I’m tired of living amongst contradiction.   I’m tired of being shamed into an apology when someone feels offended.  I’m tired of being coerced into being more agreeable.  I’m tired of being shoved into the box of what others find more acceptable.


If you want more truth, real truth, and the permission to be completely and entirely who you are called to be, then get in on this little love letter… Life’s messy, everyone is different, and real is refreshing!

Yes, I’m tired of the fakeness! Give me The Messy Truth!