My Normal Morning Routine: Get Yours!

My normal morning routine

Long before my normal morning routine, I was routine-less.  As in, I woke up when I woke up, I did whatever I did, and the day was either productive or not.  It’s safe to say that that all still applies.  But when I’m practicing my normal morning routine, I feel a lot more empowered.  Even when I don’t feel like doing something on the list, crossing it off, not to mention the added benefit of actually having done it, makes me feel like I woke up on the right side of the bed.

That feeling could be the anti-depressants, too, but for the sake of this article…

Since it’s my daughter’s first day back to school–her first day in preK thank you very much–allow me to indulge you with what I like to do on a typical, ordinary, every day basis, most of the time, usually:

I wake up.  I like it best when my body is programmed to be up with the sun (6-630) because reading in the wee hours of the morning feels like heaven to me.  But actually getting up does not feel even close to cloud nine.  So sometimes, I need an alarm.  Sometimes.

Depending on the time and the day of the week (for arguments sake, we’ll pretend it’s Wednesday and I’ve woken up at 6), I’ll chug 25 oz of water, make my coffee, grab my book, Bible, journal, pen, phone, and java, and head out onto the porch.  For arguments sake, it’s also not winter in this magical morning of mine.

I’ll spend 60 minutes just being alone, happy, content, and peaceful.  I read personal development, first (currently working through: The Purpose Driven Life), then I’ll journal and close with a prayer, then I’ll finish up with my Pregnancy Loss Bible Study (my mother in law is a saint and sent it to me…thanks mom!).  In between all of these bookwormish endeavors, I will sporadically check Facebook.  My hand involuntarily flits to my phone every 15 minutes or so.  I’m working on it.

After that, it’s time to get my little lady up and off to pre-school.  I’ll feed her some good old fashioned sugar laden cereal, make her a lunch that will convince her teachers that I am not the kind of mother who feeds her kid sugar laden cereal, pack her book bag, and clean her up enough to front being the best mom ever.  

I’m back in the house by 830.  This is when I’ll drink my pre-workout (if you haven’t found a good one, talk to me!) and proceed to take my #gymselfie.  Yes, it’s actually my home.  No, it’s not a real gym.  Yes, I will record and post every single workout.  No, I don’t care that you’re annoyed by it.

By 9 I’m cursing the day I was born, or maybe just my desire to be anything but unhealthy.

My normal morning routine

By 930ish, I’m feeling so healthy I may as well be invincible.

Typically, the average person would take this time to shower.  I’m not average.  I like to be different.  So I may very well work all day in my sweaty, smelly fitness gear because I work from home and I can do things like that.  Sometimes I’ll jump in the shower first and do my hair and make up because Facebook won’t plaster itself with my selfies.  But usually, I’ll just filter the ish out of them and then there’s really no need for energy on my part.

And then, dear reader, I get to work.  In my glorious, girly, often messy but who cares, home office.  And I spend the day creating, writing, staring out the window wondering if any of my neighbors across the street are staring back from their window, and refilling my coffee cup.

My normal morning routine

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for me (mom), I want one of those desk coffee mug warmers.  I mean, whoever thought of that is genius and I would really love to shake their hand.

That’s my normal morning routine, give or take a morning.  Well, it’s definitely my “everything is running smoothly this morning” morning routine.  So, it’s basically 3-4 mornings.  As for the other mornings, that is a whole new blog post my friend.   While you’re waiting for it, leave a comment telling me about your routine, or lack thereof! #nojudgement



  1. Adina Heyer says

    Lately I really don’t have much of a “normal” morning routine. But hoping once my lil guy whos turning 3 friday gets into his special needs preschool class I can change that. I’d much rather have a routine & actually feel productive:)

    • says

      Yes, Adina, I think routines are SO IMPORTANT when it comes to self-care! I know that if I don’t spend some time reading in the morning, I am super unfocused and anxious!