Goodbye Third Day Hair

I thought this post would be difficult to write, but it feels more exciting than sad.  The time as come for me to retire Third Day Hair.  The blog, the brand, the everything…except actually rocking third day hair in real life #becauseobviously.

If I’m being honest, there is a sense of nostalgia associated with retiring this space of mine.  It was a vision, a process of growth and change.  I learned a lot.  I evolved a lot.  It’s been a pivotal part of my voice development, a source of pride for me and the fact that I built it to what it is today.  And sure, maybe what it is isn’t exactly front page news worthy… but it served it’s purpose well.  It was exactly what I needed it to be when I needed it.

But it’s just not me anymore.

It would be wrong if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that Third Day Hair posts haven’t exactly been lined up with Third Day Hair’s initial purpose.  I’ve tried to change the course of the blog to fit into my new life, and something about that feels both too difficult and too wrong.  No matter how many posts I write, I’ll never be able to bury those from the past that point to a part of myself that has died.

Last year, when I experienced my first miscarriage, the course of my life was redirected.  I didn’t know it then, but month by month, day by day, loss after loss, I felt it.  Until one day, last summer, I woke up and realized I was living as someone who no longer existed.  I was maintaining a facade.  I was pretending it was onward and upward as usual, but internally, the battle was raging.

It was last summer that I first heard God call me to follow him; entirely.  And I’ve been listening to the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear ever since.

A few days ago, on May 31st, I heard, “end the chapter“.  I knew it meant this chapter.  I knew it meant this space.  I knew it meant that Third Day Hair was over.  

This blog is finished, but my blog writing career is not.  So, in a final bid adieu to TDH, I’m announcing a new baby:


((domain pending, so if this link no longer works, check out

My messy journey to unshakeable faith.

Check it out.  Follow along.  Leave me a little comment that you’ve seen it and dig it.

I realize that many of you reading this aren’t interested in my faith journey, and that’s in part why it felt like it was the right time to switch.  Because my faith journey is just my life journey.  I cannot separate the two.  I don’t want to.  So if you don’t mind a little Jesus sprinkled into your every day, I’ll see you in my new corner of the web.

And if you do, then I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here for this crazy, unpredictable 3 year roller coaster ride.

Some friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Whichever one is you, you are appreciated.

Goodbye Third Day Hair.