Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

good enough good enough

We have a tendency to keep going back to what we know, because our normal feels good enough.

Good.  Enough.

Mediocrity, comfort, sameness, stagnancy: it’s all very just enough, isn’t it?

It’s not exciting.  It’s not invigorating.  It’s not inspiring.

It’s literally…meh.

But do you honestly believe we were created for meh?

Meh either.

Last November, on the brink of my destiny, I wrote these words: “We are afraid because this is all we’ve ever known.  To change is to commit to being different, living different.  We wonder if we’re capable.  We wonder who we’ll be.”


We live off of tomorrows and good intentions, but remain afraid of changing…yet how often do we settle for the “good enough” instead of going after the “better”.

Don’t get me wrong, enough is enough in a lot ways… clean enough is enough for me when it comes to my daughter’s play room or the floor/clothing pile on my side of the bed (Amen messy moms?).  Knowing enough is enough for me when it comes to math or politics.  Doing enough is enough for me when it comes to sitting down to read at 830pm on any given night when I know there are house chores left undone.

But life?  Living?  Is good enough really enough?

To me, living good enough means living quietly, undisturbed and undisturbing, unseen, unheard, unnoticed, unfelt.  Enough to get by. Enough to survive.  Enough to get through life until you die.  Good enough is good enough to see you to your last breath, I agree.

Yet, some could argue that living good enough could also mean being content.  Learning how to keep your eyes on Jesus, your focus on your own family, your own home, not trying to keep up with the Jones’, not trying to impress.  I agree with this statement also.

But either way, the former or the latter just doesn’t sit well with me.  Here’s why:  both of those examples relate “good enough” in terms of external sources.  I’m not arguing that you should strive for much better than good enough to impress anyone or achieve any rank or maintain any status.  I’m simply advocating that you not settle for good enough, when you know you can be much better… compared to you.

I was a good enough Christian when I was still drinking.  I’m a much better example of Christ when I’m not.

I was a good enough mom when I was keeping Raegan alive with one hand and my phone in the other.  I’m a much better mom when I put the phone down.

I was a good enough writer when I was writing to appease others.  I’m a much better writer when I write for myself.

Good enough is good enough, unless you want much better.  

good enough is good enough

Think of it in terms of exercise.  For most of us, showing up at the gym a few days a week is good enough for our goals.  We can maintain our size, we can continue to wear the clothes that we own, and we can stay tone.  If our goal is to be buff, ripped, or competitive, then a mediocre workout a few days a week isn’t going to cut it.

If you just want to maintain the life you’re currently living, well then, good enough for you.  But if you have goals of next levelness, you’re going to have to pump up the intentionality.

It’s a new month broaching a new year.  If you want 2017 to be much better, then you need to stop settling for good enough now.

The truth is: most people just coast and get by, neither happy or sad, neither excited by their lives or depressed by it…just kind of…meh.  If you want more than meh, meh-k it happen.  Did you get that?  Meh-k it?  Make it?  Too much?  I couldn’t help myself…#sorrynotsorrybutkindofsorry

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((Photo Cred: the lovely and beyond talented Allison Phythian))