My Heart’s Mission Statement

heart's mission

The other day, I sat at my desk contemplating my future, when I felt compelled to put my purpose to paper.

That is, I wanted to actually write out my heart’s passion…so I could see it, read it, and really understand it.

If I understand what my God given purpose is, I can align my actions and my life in such a way as to fulfill that purpose.  I can hold up my every decision next to this mission statement and ensure that what I’m about to do is moving me towards what God has called me to do.

The minute I picked up my pen, I stopped thinking and just started writing.  My hand flew across the page in a frenzy of words that gave me butterflies.

Here’s what I wrote, here’s what I’m living for:

Encourage women to live out their messy, imperfect lives unapologetically.  Motivate them to band together in a movement of pretense and shame elimination, to cross the barrier between “too bad” and “good enough“, and welcome into the Body of Christ, with unconditional acceptance, every woman who feels broken, jaded, and damaged… Not only to change their lives, but to become active members in our tribe of Jesus loving warriors which seeks, reaches, and encourages all who are where we have been.

Who’s with me?

Every time I read through it, I get fired up all over again.

I encourage you, if you haven’t lately, to pray and ask Holy Spirit to fill you, to soften your heart to His will, and to lead you to your heart’s mission statement… and then come back and share it with me!