10 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself Fast (Plus a Free Offer)

ways to feel better about yourself

If you’re anything like me, and women all over the world, then you probably spend a good amount of time thinking about the things you wish you could change about yourself.

How sad.

Ask your mom or your best friend or your husband what they would change about you.  Chances are, you’ll hear a resounding “nothing!” because you are loved!  In the wise words heard in the classic (and flipping hilarious) Bridgette Jones Diary, “I like you, very much, just as you are.”

I dare say it’d apply to your life, if you saw you the way the people who love you saw you.  In fact, the world would be a much better place if only we all knew our true worth!

Yet, even when you are on top of your self-acceptance game, it’s easy to spin out of control into a downward spiral of doubt, shame, and fear.  That’s the price we pay for Miss Eve’s ill thought out bite from the forbidden fruit.  That and labor pains.

Here are 10 ways to feel better about yourself fast and an invitation to join next months FREE challenge where I’ll spend 3 weeks helping you feel good every night by being intentional in your mornings!

  1. Unfollow people on Facebook.  I just had a super aha moment the other night when I realized i was so annoyed by this person whom I only ever interact with on Facebook.  And it’s usually less interacting and more reading her posts and feeling aggravated by her short sighted vision.  Click unfollow.  Negative energy begone!
  2. Call your mama.  Seriously.  Call your mom and tell her how much you CANNOT do, how HORRIBLE you are, and how TALENTLESS you find yourself.  She will yell at you and put you in your place by naming all of the amazing attributes you have.  You’re welcome.
  3. Make someone else feel better.  Just acknowledging that there is someone out there who has even more reason than you to feel bad might make you feel better.  But go the extra mile and try to lift their spirits, anyways.  Because then  you’ll be soaring.  And hopefully, so will they!
  4. Journal.  Write until you figure out what you’re really not feeling good about.  Once you name it, you can abolish it.
  5. Stop being offended.  Honestly, one of my pet peeve’s is the fact that everyone and their mother gets offended over every teeny tiny itty bitty little thing, these days.  If you’re the one who feels insulted because of someone else’s opinions, values, or beliefs…you’re adding unnecessary stress to your life.  Everyone is different.  Do you, boo.
  6. Workout.  It’s really hard to feel bad about yourself after you crush a killer workout.
  7. Say it to your friend.  Take your thoughts, and apply your friend’s name to each sentence.  “You’re fat, Suzanna.”  “You suck at life, Lindsey.”  Those thoughts that didn’t sound so bad when you were saying them to yourself, sound downright evil when you direct them at your friends.  Do this exercise by yourself, girl, don’t actually call your friends just to put them down!
  8. Make a list of compliments.  Take a minute and write down every compliment you can remember getting, every nice thing said about you.  That’s your personal reference list.  Refer to it every time you start to doubt how awesome you are.
  9. Detox your life.  It’s really easy to feel bad about how you look when you spend a good amount of time perusing celebrity tabloids.  It’s hard to feel good about your accomplishments when you are watching reality stars seemingly breezing through life with the best of the best.  Acknowledge what doesn’t make you feel good and then remove it from your life, and that includes people.  #noguilt
  10. Read the Bible.  Specifically the New Testament.  Jesus says we’re enough.  He says that he’ll burden the shoulder of our shame.  He says that He is love and with love there is no fear.  Meditate on those promises.  I’ve never felt more liberated to just be who I am than when I began studying His word!

ways to feel better about yourself

Learning to feel good about yourself isn’t just a one time thing…it’s a practice.  You have to exercise your feel good muscles just the way you would your physical body.  That’s why I’m inviting you to be one of the first to be included in next month’s feel good challenge.  I’m opening it up to every Messy Girl (that is, every girl who can be as much of a hot mess as she can be a slayer) who wants to hone their skills of intentional living and embracing the mess of life!

We’re going to make mornings our biotches and nights our sanctuaries, and by the end of November, we’ll be fully equipped with all we need to know to own the New Year and make things happen!  And even if you don’t have mega goals, you’ll feel better about all that you learned about yourself!

ways to feel better about yourself

If that sounds like something you want to know more about, just fill in the sign up form below!  It’s going to be so good, girlfriend!

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