7 Ways Coaching Changed My Life (and could change yours)


I can’t lie, I’m kind of loving the idea that I really took great strides in improving my life and my future, last year.  I can’t remember a time when I looked back on a year and reflected upon how much I’ve grown, how far I’ve come, or how much I managed to accomplish.  Most often, as I ring in the New Year, I’m forward focused on how I can make things different than the previous year, because the previous year was a bit of a struggle.  Ironic, really, that in reflecting upon this past year- a year in which my hubs was gone for 9 months overseas- I don’t harbor ill will towards the challenges.  I feel an enormous sense of pride about where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

It’s a remarkable feeling, and one I know that I wouldn’t be familiar with had I not done something FAR beyond my comfort zone on an impulsive whim.  I became a Beachbody coach on the team of misFIT REPublic, and it has changed my life!

Hear me out.  Often times, for whatever reason, when I mention Beachbody coaching, people’s eyes tend to glaze over and they instantly form an opinion on either the brand or the concept; immediately discounting it as another sales company to annoy them on social media.

Can I tell you something?  Sales companies annoy ME on social media, and I’m on there posting all. the. time.  It’s different because, and here’s the thing that I had to wrap my head around before I took the leap myself, I didn’t become a distributor or presenter.  I didn’t stock up on product with the hopes of reselling it to anyone who would buy it.  I didn’t have to push parties on my friends and families for my own personal quotas to be met.  I simply invested in a life changing program, altered my lifestyle to encompass healthier foods and activities, and shared my journey on social media.  When people come to me for help, they are seeking my encouragement to help themselves.

Heck yes, pay me to be an inspiration to others ANY DAY ANY TIME…that is a job I want!

I work from home.  I don’t have to find a sitter, dodge rush hour, ask for time off.  I get to be a full time mom, a full time wife, and a career oriented woman all at the same time.  #luckyme

Coaching changed my life, and my family’s future, and it could change yours too.  Here’s how:

1)  I became health conscious, not health crazy.
I have absolutely NOTHING against people who devote their entire lives to healthy living in the form of hours spent in the gym, wholefoods organic everything that touches their lips, and protein powders up the ying-yang.  I don’t think it’s wrong to train to be a bikini model or enter iron-woman contests.  But that’s not me, that’s not what I enjoy, that’s not where my ambitions lie.  I’m happy with a half hour workout, eating clean most of the time, and drinking my Shakeology with peanut butter.  And the only thing I want to enter is my closet, confident that everything will fit the way that it’s supposed to.  Coaching has kept me on track with my health and fitness.  Because even if it’s not your whole life, it’s important for everyone.  (note: if you are a gym rat or bikini model, coaching can help you fulfill those goals, as well!)

2)  I became a goal setter with intention.
It’s a good time to mention that resolving to change everything about your life on the first day of a New Year is both ambitious and silly.  Most resolutions which are declared smack dab in the middle of partying your night away won’t last longer than your hangover.  My belief is that it’s because people often see the end goal, what they would love to have-be-do in a perfect world, but they have no idea how to get-be-do it.  After almost 11 months in the business, I can confidently say that I have the ability to set a goal and then reverse engineer that goal into the steps that I will need to take to get there.  Achieving a goal is not some major leap overnight.  It’s small, seemingly insignificant, daily tasks performed consistently over a long period of time.  Glamorous, right?  That’s why the average person often fails at the very thing they want most in life.  Because they don’t realize that it’s not just the one grand gesture.  It’s a series of mundane tasks that they lose interest in doing after a while.  Coaching keeps my eye on the prize even as it reminds me to make sacrifices each day to get there.

3)  I discovered my ambition and drive.
Before I began coaching, I was a stay at home mom.  Before I was a mom, I was a part-time worker at any number of customer service related jobs.  Fact was, I didn’t have any real life ambitions other than writing a novel, and I was no closer to writing a novel as a part-time job holder as I was years previous.  I was lacking the drive I needed to accomplish much of anything.  Sure, I had an uber clean house and my cooking skills improved somewhat steadily.  But there was no driving force in my life.  Nothing that got me excited about jumping out of bed in the morning and starting my day.  Is that you?  I am so grateful that I now have business goals which are so exciting to me, that I almost want to get out of bed at 5am every day to get started on them.  Okay, I almost don’t want to get up that early, too.  But I am certainly willing to.  And that speaks volumes.

4)  I got myself some mentors.
For perhaps the first time in my life, I have discovered the importance of knowing inspiring people.  That’s not to say that the people who were in my life previously were not inspiring or important, because Lord knows they were and are.  It’s just a different concept to be around people who are light years ahead of you in terms of success and achievement, but who had started where you are currently, with no more experience; the passion that is in my heart was the same sort of passion that they encompassed.  It was their passion and hunger that propelled them forward and pushed them to the top.  And they tell me that it will be my passion that does the same for me.  That is an exciting outlook on life.  Through coaching, I have learned the names and work of people who will ultimately change my life, and who I would never have known had I not taken that leap of faith last February.

5)  I am focused on personal development and growth.
I have always had an interest in things like self help books and discovering your true self.  But, it was always a hobby I dabbled in when the inclination struck, and one in which I would put aside for more “important” things like parties.  Since I started this coaching business, the one thing that I have consistently improved upon regardless of vacations, poor food choices, or too many glasses of wine, is my mental health.  I no longer read fiction.  My entire reading repertoire consists entirely of personal development books.  And, I’ve been inspired to go back to therapy and really get to the bottom of my cognitive behavioral issues that threaten to stunt my growth…aka…I’m conquering my social anxiety.  Thanks to coaching, self awareness has become a non-negotiable, not just an if-I-get-around-to-it.

6)  I am more confident, independent, and purpose driven.
These attributes have significantly improved my quality of life, and made enormous positive changes in my already amazing marriage.  When all of this was taking place, my husband was out at sea tackling a nine month deployment.  My former self could have easily run from the challenge, hidden away in upstate NY with my family and friends until the time came for my protector and best friend’s return.  But I faced it head on, with absolute certainty that I could handle any and every obstacle.  And you know what?  I did.  I did so well in controlling my emotions and fears, that my husband was able to draw inspiration and determination from me.  From ME!  Ever since I got married, I’ve let my independence turn to dependence on my husband.  I wasn’t the bread winner, I wasn’t the “smart” one, and I wasn’t the one who’s schedule mattered.  As I lost pieces of myself, a fault that is entirely my own, I lost confidence in myself.  I lost my purpose in life that wasn’t solely based on being a wife and, eventually, mother.  But Travis had married a confident woman.  He had fallen in love with an independent lady.  I owed it to him, as much as to myself, to find that person again.  And though our marriage has always been incredible, becoming a coach has breathed new life into our future as husband and wife.  This new found independence has solidified our unity in ways that dependency never could tolerate!

7)  I contribute to our family’s finances.
The fact of the matter is, when all is said and done, coaching is a business.  It’s a way to earn money from home.  Yes, you get paid to be healthy.  Yes, you earn money just by being your best self.  But it is a business and you are earning money, and for a stay at home mom who hadn’t contributed financially in a number of years, this is a big deal.  Having a job was never more important or necessary than taking care of our daughter.  We didn’t struggle and therefore saw no reason for me to take a job I wasn’t passionate about, to pay someone else to spend time with our babe, who I was passionate about.  But any stay at home mom/wife can attest that, no matter how much you clean, how many groceries you buy, how many awesome dinners you cook, you still feel like you’re relying on someone else.  You still feel like you could be doing more.  And now you can.  What would an extra $500/month do for your family?  What would an extra $1000/month mean for you?  While Travis was deployed, we were able to save AT LEAST $1000 a month.  That’s one grand, immediately transferred into savings, every month.  That translated to a down payment on a new SUV.  It’s being turned into a master bath and closet redo.  It’s sitting there waiting for our trip to Jamaica this summer.  My earning potential is limited only by the amount of effort I put in.  Last year, my highest month was $1200.  This year, my goal is to double that for my highest week.  And while talking money might make some people squirm, I don’t feel guilty or bad.  I earned that money for my family by implementing all of the above life enhancing traits, and helping others begin their own journeys to their best selves.  How can I feel anything but pride and accomplishment for that?  Coaching has done so much for my life, because it has indirectly enhanced the lives of those around me.

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