7 Reasons to Love the 21 Day Fix


This program is everywhere–and for good reason.

It works.

Like, legit works.

Like, see results within the first week, works.

How can you not love the 21 Day Fix?  There’s only one way you could NOT be obsessed with this program, and that’s if you just haven’t tried it yet.

But why wouldn’t you?

Why bother being skeptical about a program that is built around the basis of everything we’ve ever known to be true?

Clean eating and moderate exercise will get you results.  Period.  No magic pills.  No crazy products.  No sprinkling your extra cheese pizza with fairy dust to melt the fat before it even touches your lips.

You eat the right foods to fuel your body in the healthiest way possible.  Real foods.  Not organic everything, meat only from cows who were grass fed in your own backyard.  Just, like, stuff that grew in the ground.  Or hasn’t been bleached beyond recognition.  Stuff that can go bad.  That’s the good stuff.  And then you workout for 30 minutes a day.

Sounds incredibly difficult easy and insanely complicated simple, right?

You don’t even have to count cals or weigh your food; or hope that you’re plugging the exact right food into the point counter thingamabob.  You just pick  food from the list provided, stuff it into the container that is also provided, and eat it.  Whatever you fit, you can eat.  And girl, trust me when I tell you, you will learn how to fit an insane amount of lettuce into very limited space!


But nothing has ever worked for you before, right?  What makes me so sure that this will?  True or false, whenever you attempted to get fit in the past…you had a personal coach motivating you through each step of your journey and an accountability group to plug into for support, all day any day?  Probably false.  This time, when you get the program, you are stuck with me.  And I don’t like to have my name associated with anything but success stories.

I have a riddle:  When you take the 21 Day Fix outline, combine it with the dense nutrition of my go-to-source-of-energy SHAKEOLOGY, and top it off with a coach and 21 Day Fix success story, what do you get?  You get your own victory tale.  I’m sure of it.  I. Am. Sure. Of. It.  You provide the commitment and hard work, and I will provide you with the tools for success.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but these will leave you speechless… so, let me tell you more about the 7 reasons to love the 21 Day Fix:


1.  It is the exact length of time it takes to form a habit.  That’s right, the program is 21 days and it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit.  Ergo, by the end of the 21 days, you will have a better understanding of what and how much to eat, and more desire to eat that way.


2.   The exercises are do-able.  They are 30 minutes long (who can’t wake up a half hour earlier to fit this in?) and they are designed for everyone to see results, no matter your fitness level.  Each move has been moderated, if you haven’t been working out- but each move is also dynamic enough for those who have been getting their gym on.


3.  You don’t go hungry.  Okay, the first few days you are probably going to be hungry.  That’s because, if you’ve been eating too much processed junk, you’re used to that heavy feeling in your stomach that tells you when you’ve had enough food.  Chances are you’ve felt that feeling, and then kept eating through it because “it’s just so darn good.”  Your body needs to learn the difference between stuffed to the brim and satisfied.  After your initial detox, you’ll probably have a hard time finishing all of your carrots.


4.  You see results quickly.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you will notice a change in your body within that very first week.  I’ve had some challengers drop up to 9 pounds in that first week alone!  Others, like me, only lost 4 pounds altogether.  But weight is not the deciding factor in this programs success.  It is the inches that truly shrink your body back into those skinny jeans you haven’t worn since high school.  Nevertheless, for people who have a hard time sticking to a healthier lifestyle, seeing results quickly almost always ensures dedication and success.


5.  It pairs perfectly with Shakeology.  Okay, what doesn’t pair perfectly with Shakeology?  But seriously, as your body detoxes from the processed foods, the excess sugars, the refined flours-you’re going to have cravings and you’re going to experience some symptoms (slight headache being the primary report).  Shakeology helps to curb those bad-for-you-food cravings, and helps to cleanse your body of whatever toxins are hanging around, at the same time.   This meal replacement shake also aides in weight-loss, among other things.  21 Day Fix will get you results.  21 Day Challenge Pack will get you those results quicker and easier!


6.  It produces passion.  I am a sucker for passion.  Heck, I am a sucker for the word passion (it has a nice ring to it, eh?).  But this program curates a following unlike any I have ever seen!  People don’t just swear by this program, they push it onto their family and friends- because they know it’s good.  They know it works, and works well.  And they know that their family and friends need to know about this program because it’s the one that is going to change their lives when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.  So, when my Fixers are through with the challenge, and they’ve fallen in love, often times they see the value in coaching and reaping those amazing rewards of sharing their passion for a product that changes everything for so many people.


7.  21 Day Fix Extreme.  The next level launches in February, and it’s not built for beginners.  Get your buns through 3 weeks of the first edition, and then get your hands on the Extreme as soon as it is released!  This program was sold out for over a month when it was first introduced to the world back in February 2014.  Don’t settle for the wait list.  Be ready to rock now.  Summer bodies are made in the winter, and I plan to have a summer body by March!


*These are my own AWESOME results!

**I’ve just started another round of the Fix, it’s not too late to join me!  Let’s get you your own before and after picture before Valentine’s Day (zexy lingerie, anyone?)