7 Reasons to Love the 21 Day Fix


This program is everywhere--and for good reason. It works. Like, legit works. Like, see results within the first week, works. How can you not love the 21 Day Fix?  There's only one way you could NOT be obsessed with this program, and that's if you just haven't tried … [Read more...]

7 Life Lessons My Daughter Taught Me


My little princess love is 3 years old today.  Three.  Years.  Old. How? It's funny how despite my best efforts to keep her from growing up too quickly, every year passes by faster than the last.  To be fair, this past year was probably the slowest of our lives, but that … [Read more...]

7 Goals in 2015


*Sigh* Christmas is over. Am I the only one who gets an a huge sense of relief washing over me at the sound of that sentence? Look, I am the furthest thing from a “Grinch type”. When it comes to the holiday, I am annoyingly childlike (according to my husband). But when the … [Read more...]