when god speaks

When God Speaks

When God speaks, you better listen.  Here's how it went down for me: I recorded a thought, a plea really, in my prayer journal on Monday.  By Sunday, … {read more}


Basic White Girl Probs

It's officially Autumn and that means one thing for all of us basic white girls: p-spice errythang!  I don't exactly get the whole "so basic" thing. … {read more}

be your own boss babe

Be Your Own Boss, Babe

Any boss babe worth her weight in high heels will tell you that being your own boss is just as amazing as it sounds.  In terms of designer shoes, it's … {read more}

does praying work

Does Praying Work?

All I know is what I know.  I feel like it goes without saying that I'm no theologian.  I'm not a minister.  I'm not God, as shocking as that may come … {read more}